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CodeQuest course | Summer 2018

CodeQuest (Sponsored by CloudQuest Technologies, LLC) is a twenty-hour course that introduces students to web development, Chrome extensions, Alexa skills, using programming as a tool, and more.
This course was taught because I wanted money for a new bicycle.

PorNo! open-source algorithm | Spring 2018 to present

As I couldn't find any open-source implementations of a porn-detection algorithm, I decided to open-source the algorithm I created to support a tool I made, PorNo!.

State Farm IT/Systems Intern | January 2018 to May 2018

I used C# to create and implement an input handler for a State Farm application that allows information lookup for the IDs inputted. Furthermore, I used Checkmarx tests to properly secure the application's backend.

ATLAS Mobile Developer Intern | August 2017 to December 2017

I was a mobile developer for the University of Illinois' ATLAS (Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences). I, with two other mobile programmers, worked on UIUC's mobile Moodle app, a school-wide interface between professors and students. We communicated directly with developers from Moodle, and this involved inspecting, opening, and working to close issues on the codebase. Used Android and Angularjs.

Cloudquest Technologies, LLC Mobile Developer Intern | May 2017 to August 2017

Created an application that automatically organized study groups for the students that have enrolled in classes within the app. Created an application that kept track of a user's habits and allowed self-updating. Both apps were made in Android.

Optogenetics Research Team Member | December 2016 to March 2017

Researched on and created a presentation about optogenetics for the University of Illinois's Engineering Open House, a large-scale science fair of presentations built by faculty and students. Our presentation was judged third place in the "Discoveries in Engineering" and the "Illuminate New Horizons (presented by Exxon Mobil)" categories. Used Arduino and C++.

Astronomy Research Assistant | June 2014 to August 2016

I spent my summers in high school under Professor Jay Ansher, an astronomy and physics professor of Illinois State University. We would meet weekly and he would guide me through various topics and concepts in astronomy. Near the end of our research, we created a simulation and recorded the path of a particle traveling near and in a dark-matter field. The simulation was made in C++.


ahegao | Winter 2019 | Chrome extension/toy

"What if every picture on the internet was replaced with anime girls?"

PorNo! Android | Winter 2019 | Android app/tool

The Android port of the PorNo! porn-blocker algorithm. Optimizing was hard as fuck. Learned more about Android and Java as a whole. This project was a crucible and there were times when I really didn't want to work on the app just because of the nature of the content I was working with and the difficulty of the optimizations I wanted.

HappyBirthday | Winter 2018 | Android app/tool

Lemme get ur name, phone number, and birthday -- my phone will handle the rest ~

BetterDesktop | Summer 2018 | Website/tool

Google Calendar, small notes, and a homework/to-do list in one place. A tool I built to avoid having to keep switching between windows and apps to keep track of work.

Rock Paper Scissors | Summer 2018 | Alexa skill

An Alexa implementation of rock-paper-scissors, made for a demonstration in CodeQuest 2018 and published to receive an Echo Show (another Amazon promotion).

Enjoy Alexa's trash-talking ~

CodeQuest | Summer 2018 | Website

The website is built with HTML/CSS/JS and jQuery. The registration page saves the data of incoming students to a Firestore database. When a student registers, the page calls an AWS Lambda function to SMS my phone with the email of the student so that I can "immediately" send an email with more details -- meant to act as an email system while experimenting with AWS.

SpeedDial | Summer 2018 | Chrome extension

SpeedDial is a Chrome extension that provides one's state's support/emergency numbers from the omnibox and allows users to call numbers through the extension. Built with jQuery, HTML/CSS/JS, and a classmate.

"Did you both really type out all those numbe-"
That's why tinyscraper exists hahahahahahahaha

tinyscraper | Summer 2018 | Chrome extension

Using jQuery and HTML/CSS/JS, tinyscraper is a tool that collects the phone numbers of every agency of an organization in the United States. It parses the DOM of the Google results page of the organization in each state for the phone number(s) available, then formats the entire data into a copy-pastable JS dictionary as
'state abbreviation': [phone number(s)].

InterNot! | Summer 2018 | Chrome extension

InterNot! disables your ability to browse the web. This is accomplished by redirecting users to a site that tells them to go outside, amongst other activities.

PorNo! | Spring 2018 | Chrome extension

PorNo! is a tool that allows users to input urls to content that they find inspiring, motivational, empowering...etc. When a user attempts to visit a porn site, PorNo! redirects the user to one of the links s/he saved.

PorNo! is meant to help individuals who struggle with porn use or porn addiction by attempting to convert excess and unwanted sexual energy into constructive, meaningful outlets.

Features cloud support so your links go wherever you do, live updates from the database so your copy of PorNo! will always be up-to-date with the latest porn links added to the database, and of course, the PorNo! algorithm.

Share Love | Spring 2018 | Alexa skill

Share Love is an Alexa skill that texts a Magical Message to the phone of the recipient I specify. For example, the command, "Share love with parents," will send a message to my parents. The skill is meant to make it faster for me to share something thoughtful and nice to the people I think about than opening up the mobile app and performing the same process through touch. Additionally, I explored SMS operations with Alexa.

Baby Words | Winter 2018 | Alexa skill

Surabhi and I made an Alexa skill for the Alexa Kids Skills Challenge! This is the first project we worked on together ^_^. Baby Words is a vocabulary-quiz skill that helps younger children and infants learn simple vocabulary on their own time. It currently has vocabulary for colors, names of days, job titles, and names of animals.

LikeFree | Fall 2017 | Chrome extension

Chrome extension that hides likes and user reactions on the desktop sites for Instagram and Facebook. I want users to stop associating the value of a post based on the way others respond to it so that they can focus truly on the content they see and feel more confident about sharing content they genuinely want to without having to think about how people will respond.

Holiday Facts | Fall 2017 | Alexa skill

Alexa skill that shares fun facts about your favorite holidays! | Summer 2017 | This website :)

A place that doubles as a collection of my experiences and projects and, "Hello recruiter, look at what I made, hire me plz". My favorite parts of my website are my blog, projects, and pictures. What are yours?
Thank you for visiting!

"Dear Beloved," | Summer 2017 | Website

Birthday present for a girlfriend. A story of how we met to how we started dating.

Magical Messages | Winter 2017 | Android app, Alexa skill, Google Assistant action, and Bixby capsule

Need a pick-me-up? Pull out your phone or ask Alexa for a quick message. We don't receive enough kind words and encouragement in our day and this is meant to fill in the times we need to hear positivity the most.

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