Vivek looking at the sky

I am

Hi, I'm

A son
A brother
A writer
A student
A listener
A dancer
Computer science and astronomy
University of Illinois
Your friend

Vivek Bhookya.

I try to be a somewhat decent human being, and an even better host.

Welcome to my website; Thank you for visiting. Think of this as an extension of myself, my experiences, my thoughts, and everything in between.

I'll share the projects I've made, some things I've done, what I've learned, what I've thought, and pictures I like :)

This website was born out of imagination, a sight I would see when my eyes were closed and I would dream about using. "A website about me, how cool! It would look like this, and that will be great! I like it a lot..." and so on. I turned my imagination into my reality and I am very happy to say that what you see is exactly what I saw in my head. Exactly what I saw.

There are several different reasons for why I made this website. One, this is a showcase of my skills to future employers (but, I am not a web developer). Two, for the convenience of an online and always-accessible catalog of my adventures and projects, all in one place. And, to serve as an example to myself and the world that no imagination is too great to be created and no imagination is too complicated to be rendered exactly as wanted.

"I did it, you can too."

At the bottom of this site you can find my code, my social profiles, my old blog, a playlist of my favorite music, and my resume. Have fun.

I hope you enjoy reading about my life as much as I do living it. I am excited for everything that has yet to come and everything I have yet to do and create.

Be kind and do good.

With love,

  • Thank you for visiting!
    Vivek Bhookya