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But, I am not a web developer | February 15th, 2018

But, I am not a web developer

"Once upon a time, there was a Vivek Bhookya. This Vivek Bhookya was laying on his bed wondering what gift he should give his girlfriend for her birthday. Vivek closed his eyes to focus on his thoughts."

"Out of nowhere appeared a baby-blue website, a website that held stories and pictures and memories from the relationship Vivek and Surabhi had been building. The website would be covered in pictures, one section of the website devoted to stories and another section designed to be a gallery. Vivek saw himself exploring the website in his mind, noting the appearance and experience presented. 
Suddenly...Vivek fell asleep, because he was on his bed and his eyes were closed...


I was going through the files on my computer and I found a set of html files for a book I had downloaded. Confused about why the book included these files, I opened the files -- each file was a different chapter from the book, presented as a simple website.

Having some knowledge of html, I started messing around with the files for fun. I then realized that the dream I had of the website didn't have to stay a dream for much longer.

The usual hours of coding and Google searches later, on my computer sat what I had dreamed. Exactly as I envisioned the website...nothing less than I saw, the features I imagined were implemented on par, and every element's position reflected their corresponding locations from my vision.

Surabhi was overjoyed when she saw the website 😊 and I was very happy with how much she liked it.

The success of only encouraged me to create my website,

It is a similar story -- I saw the idea for the site in my head then later implemented it -- but how I felt when I saw my finished product was no less than when I fulfill any of my dreams. If it can be imagined, it can be built. I have only found inspiration as I continue to build more and more, albeit with plenty of frustration (opportunities to overcome adversity) along the way as well 😅 !

Building simple websites is quite cute and not as difficult as other projects, but in terms of professional interests, I would prefer to do software development away from web development, such as mobile or Alexa, for example.


Bringing and to reality was really really really fun.
But, I am not a web developer. I just like building things.

Lots of love,


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