CodeQuest ran in the summer of 2018. Thank you for joining us!

Check out old students' final projects!


CodeQuest costs $99 (less than $5/hour). There are two ways to take this course:

Five-day morning course

8 am to noon, Monday through Friday

Five-day evening course (intended for those with daytime obligations)

5 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Friday

Hour zero: Review homework, demo and introduction of the day's topics, and instruction.
Hour one: Continue instruction with hands-on work.
Ten-minute break.
Hour two: Instruction ends, then project assignment. Independent work time and teacher meetings.
Hour three: Continue development, all students present their projects near day end.


CodeQuest is a five-day, twenty hour course. Here's what's taught:
• How to define abstract ideas into a set of concrete instructions to success
• How to build a personal website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript (like this one!)
• How to build a Chrome extension and use jQuery to collect your favorite information from the web
• How to automate various tasks and processes through AWS and custom Amazon Alexa skills
• How to plan, develop, troubleshoot, and present an independent project
• And more

Along with the above knowledge, students will also take home four projects, fully sharable with family/friends!

Attention: This course will not make a student a full-fledged web developer...that can only be accomplished through many hours of practice and experience.
This course will, however, provide the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the web and web development along with the tools necessary to succeed as a growing developer.

Check out old students' final projects!

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