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Personal bad for social good | November 21th, 2019

Personal bad for social good

Yeah what's good.

This is going to be about what it was like to write a porn blocker.

Maybe you don't want to read it because of the associated themes and ideas, though I do encourage you to read this anyways. Take a look inside my experiences without having to live through them. See if you can stomach it, haha. We will have a good time.

This writing will be a sampler for me to gauge what all I could put in a dedicated book. I want to write a book that's easy and gentle to read, provides conversation into the experience, shows sample code and other documents I collected while working on the software...etc. It will be nice when I write this book :)

Anyways, yeah, I would not recommend writing a porn blocker from scratch for anyone. Use mine, not because I want to express how proud I am of my work, but because the difficulties I've been facing after having gone through this process myself are very hard to manage and not at all "oh, this struggle is fine, it will build my character hooray :)" as other tribulations.

Not saying that what I will describe is impossible to move beyond or live with or grow from...just saying that you are better off avoiding the things that make you check out of life and really warp your personality...etc.

In the spring of 2018, when I sat down and started work, my thought was that the idea of a blocker that redirected users to different, positive etc websites instead of a "Page blocked" screen was definitely something I could do and am interesting in using. Ongoing, I thought that, if I succeed and publish this app, maybe someone else would also find benefit, and if this became true, that would be really cool to me. I didn't think about the possible effects on the mind of a child that daily exposure to pornography could have, ahahaha, but that's ok.

The first big challenge was gathering enough —— "enough" —— porn sites to make known to the app. PorNo! reads a website's URL to determine if the domain is a porn site domain. For PorNo! to provide more coverage, it needs to have more domain names in its internal list. As a result, there was a decent amount of time spent searching for lists of porn domains [from forums that wanted to provide banlists to sites that ranked porn sites and in between, ahahaha].

Every day, new websites go live. New porn sites (or rather, sites that mirror existing porn video from other sites) go live [possibly] every day as well. Now, we see that for PorNo! to provide full coverage of the internet, the source code needs to updated on a near-daily basis AFTER somehow finding these brand-new porn distributing sites.

Searching for these sites would not be an easy process at all and going further to update and publish a new release of PorNo! on the daily is just not at all a feasible or desirable process. Consider that I was the only person working on the PorNo! software (a few lovely friends helped with finding websites, never forget!), so all foreseen responsibility would have to be taken up by me. I don't want to spend time every single day hereonout engaging in the cultivating joy of looking for porn sites!

Yet at the same time, I didn't want PorNo! to fail to meet a user's need when it could be helped. There exists some solution to this problem and I was going to find it, because good god, a porn blocker that doesn't block porn is simply not doing its job.

Leaving out the episodes where I was angry and disappointed with why porn sites will perennially take birth for a moment, an idea soon showed itself to me: let PorNo! figure out what websites were pornographic and update itself on its own.

We reach the next challenge: speed. When a user types in a website and presses the enter key to navigate to that website, a few things happen. First, the network that this device is connected to attempts to navigate to the requested URL to see if, first of all, it exists. If the URL domain doesn't exist, you will find your browser telling you that it was unable to locate this address. Supposing that the URL requested does exist, the server that hosts this website will begin sending information to your device.

Websites are built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and php, and...and...), and accessing websites is like going to a library, looking for a particular book, and checking out that book. Your device looks for what server (library) hosts the website (this particular book), and requests the source code of that website so that your browser can show you the contents of that page (check out the book).

Software in the browser, such as a Chrome extension, can read the data of a webpage before it is done loading, and coincidentally, your device can also begin rendering the page as it is being downloaded. This is good for PorNo! because it means that we can have access to a site's contents in addition to its URL for PorNo! to assess the pornographic-ness of a website, and this is not so good for PorNo! because it means PorNo! is racing against the browser's speed of loading the page's contents. Why is this a challenge? Imagine that you are a person that is trying to reduce their porn consumption, yet you find yourself still navigating to porn sites every now and then, being turned away and finding relief through PorNo!. One of the sites you visit is written with barebones HTML and doesn't have a lot of overhead resources to load —— this site will render much faster comparably and possibly show sensitive images / thumbnails before PorNo! redirects (this is an anecdote and this issue has been fixed with the use of a hashmap as opposed to an array for storing known URLs). As someone who is trying to avoid porn and is using software to help, seeing pornographic images is not going to help your endeavors at all. This was a technical challenge and also something I got frustrated over, as we were dealing in the realm of 3 millisecond computation speeds, a time range I imagined would have been faster than the browser...



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