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PorNo! is a porn-blocker that redirects users to "healthy" content instead of serving "This page is blocked" to try and offer a new outlet for the user's desires.
Powered by the open-source, URL-based porn-detection algorithm of the same name.

Chrome extension,
Android application

Date of birth:
March 13th (?), 2018

I wanted an app that could redirect me to my favorite music when trying to access porn. As no app of this kind existed, I remembered that I study computer science [and astronomy] and tried to build the app for myself.

––– STATUS –––

PorNo! Android 1.1: Live

PorNo! Chrome extension Live

PorNo! (original Chrome extension before takedown): Dead
Removed because the description had "excessive/misleading wording"...?

––– Links –––


Chrome extension

Android app

PorNo! algorithm, on Github

My associated thoughts, on Medium

––– KNOWN BUGS –––

Need to add better filtering for Reddit's many pornographic subreddits
Add a way to review a website after it has loaded and assess its pornographic-ness


PorNo! Android 1.1, March 25, 2019:
Deviantart, CNET, cda.pl should no longer be redirected from

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